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Tuesday, March 22 2022

Tips for Wrap Care During the Summer Heat
Wraps are a great way to expand your company branding and are perfect for advertising around town. As the weather begins to get warmer again and the summer heat sets in, it's a great time to start thinking about how you are going to care for your wrap.

1. Store Your Vehicle in the Shade
Park your wrapped vehicle in the shade as much as possible. This can be in a garage, under a car cover, or just under some trees. UV rays can be harmful to any wrap if they are left in the direct sunlight for too long. While some wraps are more resistant to sunlight than others, they will eventually begin to fade.

2. Hand Wash Regularly 
You do not have to wash your vehicles every day but getting the dirt and grime off will help prevent the sun from baking dirt spots on your wrap. Avoid going through automatic car washes and the use of pressure washers. These may cause your wrap to peel if the edges are slightly lifted or even warp the vinyl if the water is too hot. Hand wash your vehicles with a soft sponge and car soap and avoid using abrasives or harsh detergents.

3. Apply a Polish

There are certain polishes that you can purchase that help protect your wrap against harmful UV rays and heat. A good wax or polish job can last up the three months but always check the ingredients before using to avoid the possibility of wax stains on your wrap. Talk to your wrap provider about what products work best for your specific wrap if you live in an area with high temperatures during the summer. 

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