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Thursday, January 28 2010
 Partial Wraps are a great, cost-effective way to advertise a business. A partial wrap costs less than a full vehicle wrap, but can have the same impact and effect. There are many options for a partial wrap, depending on the vehicle and your creativity.

The amount of area we can wrap on the vehicle directly relates to the client's budget. 

Partial wraps are a great option if the client likes the vehicle's paint color. With a partial wrap, the original paint remains exposed and it becomes part of the overall design.

Not only are partial wraps not as costly as full vehicle wraps, but they are also easier and quicker to install. Instead of three days, we can install a partial wrap in a day or two. That's less time you will be without your vehicle.

Apple Graphics has done several Partial Wraps on various types of vehicles. Any vehicle has an option to get a partial wrap. A partial wrap has the same advantages as a full wrap, but simply costs less.

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Monday, January 18 2010
 Apple Graphics is currently working on a wrap for Total Home Improvments. One of the company's vehicles, a Chevrolet Silverado was involved in an accident. The insurance company covers both the vehicle damage as well as the vehicle wrap. Any part of a wrap that gets damaged in an accident is covered by the insurance.

Total Home Improvments has a fleet of company vehicles. They come to Apple Graphics to not only get their vehicle wrapped, but also to maintain their brand name. A company's branding is extremely important, since that is how consumers know them.

Apple Graphics is currently working on a truck wrap for a 2010 GMC Denali. So far with THI, we have done a full truck wrap on a Ford F-250, a vinyl lettering job on a Ford F-150, and now a wrap repair on a Chevrolet Silverado. 

Apple Graphics has done a few wrap repair jobs, such as a Nissan Sentra for RentABody. The client was rear-ended so we replaced the trunk and rear bumper of the wrap. Most repairs are a quick and easy installation, since we have the design already set up and ready to print.

We frequently get asked if a wrapped vehicle is involved in an accident, does the insurance company cover the repair. The answer is YES! We will match the exact design, making it appear as if nothing ever happened. It is especially important for fleet vehicles to match the original design since they all must look the same. When it comes to getting in an accident with a wrapped vehicle, the insurance company will handle the cost, and Apple Graphics will handle the wrap repair.

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Wednesday, January 06 2010
 Apple Graphics designs and creates digital lawn signs for all types of businesses and purposes. The standard size of a lawn sign is 18" x 24", but we can make any size and shape that your business needs.

Lawn signs are a great way to advertise and boost your business. They can be placed almost anywhere outside, which makes it convenient for hundreds of people to see each day. Any vehicle that drives by your sign, the passengers are sure to notice your business. Lawn signs are especially great since they can be moved around and placed all over your area.
Lawn signs can be used for numerous purposes, such as grand opening signs, store sale signs, directionals, business advertising signs, landscaping signs, roofing signs, construction signs, community events, and more.

Apple Graphics can make any quantity of sign you may need, whether its just a couple or hundreds of lawn signs. Our unique and custom designs will make your sign stand out. With digital imaging and printing, the possibilities are endless. Any idea or design you want, Apple Graphics can do!

All of our signs are digitally printed vinyl, then applied to a coroplast substrate. The coroplast is durable outside and makes the sign sturdy. Each sign comes with its own metal stake to stick in the ground.

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Tuesday, January 05 2010
 Apple Graphics is forming a list of drivers and businesses in the Tri-State area that are interested in Mobile Advertising and Vehicle Wraps. The biggest and most effective way to advertise a business and get noticed is with a Vehicle Wrap.

Businesses are always looking for better and more creative ways to advertise and boost their business. On the other hand, there are millions of people who drive their vehicles throughout the day and in busy locations. Why not turn your vehicle into a business's mobile advertisement and get paid for simply driving it? 
This is the new face of advertising. A person interested in driving a mobile advertisement will be matched up with a business that fits their driving route and area they reside in. After the client and individual is paired up, Apple Graphics will design and install a custom vehicle wrap. For businesses, this concept is a 'no-brainer'! Any business can have an individual drive their mobile advertisement and promote their business 24/7! For individuals such as stay-at-home moms, businessmen, and salesmen that drive often, they can now get paid while they are simply driving! Call Apple Graphics to get on this list!

Apple Graphics has a special advertising opportunity! We have a 53 ft. 18 wheeler that travels from Philadelphia to Ohio and back once a week. Apple Graphics is renting advertising space on this trailer. It is a great opportunity to advertise your business! Call Apple Graphics for pricing and more details about this special opportunity. 

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