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Wednesday, December 10 2008
Today Graphic Designer Michael English is coming to finish his design for the H(o)(o)TERS race car. It's a pretty sweet design, it has very fine detailed owl feathers on it. Half of the race car is already wrapped. The vehicle wrap material stretches over the shape of the race car and the material is very pliable. Commonly people misconceive it as paint. Apple Graphics, bucks County Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia.
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Wednesday, December 03 2008
Sha-Zam! I walk into work today and there was mountains of food-i'm talking yummy-looking food like this place was catered.. oh wait-it was! And i'm totally balls deep in a giant delicious plate of coooookies! Someone please take these away from my desk! I can't say know to yummy chocolate chip cooooookies! So Apple Graphics was kickin' off our first Vehicle Wrap class. Bucks County Pa, just outside of Philadelphia, Apple Graphics, b'atch. I'm eatin up all the food in the fridge! ;) j/k but Neal is doing a great job and having a good time teaching the ways of the exacto knife n torch!
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