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Wednesday, October 28 2015

The large, expansive side of a bus offers the perfect surface for applying a memorable and professional vinyl bus wrap.  The professionals at Apple Graphics know that vinyl wraps are on the cutting edge of the advertising industry today, and we can help you design and install an amazing bus wrap for your tour bus, company transport, or promotional bus.  We’ll make sure people know you’re coming, whether you’re advertising a new sale for your company, or you’re telling everyone about your band’s upcoming tour schedule. Let us take your company’s humble logo and transform it into a piece of art on the side of a bus with one of our custom wraps.

Think of a bus as a giant mobile billboard. Static billboards on roadsides or in bus stop shelters pale in comparison to mobile vinyl wraps.  Think of all the people who might see a bus wrap when it drives around town, across the state, or clear across the country.  Our creative staff has a variety of ways to install your Philadelphia bus wrap.  In fact, we recently wrapped several SEPTA buses in Philadelphia, and our proud to showcase our work for potential clients.  We offer the option of wrapping the entire bus or just a single side.  When you come to Apple Graphics to discuss your project, we’ll offer our recommendations and get to work designing an amazing graphic for your organization, band, or business. 

It’s important to combine the benefits of mobile advertising with a memorable and easy to read visual.  You don’t want people looking at your bus wrap to miss the entire message. Clarity is exceptionally important with a vinyl bus wrap, and that’s where our talented graphic designers can help you make the most of your bus wrap.  If you’re interested in covering a bus with a dynamic and cost-effective vinyl advertisement, then the talented technicians at Apple Graphics are here to deliver.  We specialize in wrapping transit fleet, much like our work with SEPTA, and we offer both full and partial wraps to help you make the most of the valuable advertising space on your bus and get your message to thousands of potential customers.

All business owners can benefit from a bus wrap.  Perhaps you own an art gallery, and you want to promote a visiting artist or a collection that will be on display for the season. You might want to consider wrapping a shuttle bus or another type of public transportation with our Philadelphia bus wraps. After a few days, thousands of eyes will see your vinyl wrap’s massive advertisement about the visiting artist at your art gallery.

At Apple Graphics, we take pride in wrapping vehicles for your fleet. Transit fleet graphics and wraps are the single most beneficial way you can advertise your business. We love working with contractors, freelancers and new entrepreneurs who understand that mobile advertising will get you noticed and will also help you brand your company in the Philadelphia area.  Our talented designers will create the perfect concept for your business that will work with your set budget and will allow you to expose your company to potential clients and customers.  All of our certified vehicle wrap installers are trained by the best in the industry and all have completed the Vehicle Wrap Training Course. 

Philadelphia Bus Wraps

Philly Bus Wraps

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Wednesday, October 21 2015

Truck lettering with vinyl is one of the best ways to get your business noticed.  At Apple Graphics, we know that fleet managers and franchise business can benefit from the vehicle wrap design advertising trend, and can reap the rewards of 30,000 to 70,000 visual impressions per day by employing unique and affordable vehicle wraps and graphics for their fleet of vehicles.

Many businesses focus on traditional advertising strategies such as TV and radio ads, newspaper ads, billboards, and mail ads.  While all of these forms of advertising can bring in some clients, the most lucrative way to gain more business is through truck lettering with vinyl.  At Apple Graphics, we understand the importance of quality advertising.  It is estimated that truck lettering can result in up to 900,000 impressions per month.  It is easy to see why custom vehicle lettering with vinyl is a cost effective yet powerful advertising solution for any business, large or small.

At Apple Graphics, we can easily display your pertinent business contact information, such as your name, address, phone number, and web address, on the back and sides of your vehicle.  For a more affordable option to full vehicle wraps or partial vehicle wraps, we can place custom graphics over your vehicle that assist in branding your company vehicle. Some examples of graphics we have installed are paw prints for dog walkers and vets, flowers for florists, and paint splotches for artists. 

If you own a franchise you’re already off to a great start if you want to implement vehicle wrap designs into your fleet.  Name recognition and building brand identity is important for franchises, especially if you have competitors in your immediate area.  Our creative graphic designers will work with you to come up with great ideas, and since we are experts in the franchise graphics world, we’re confident that your franchise vehicles will stand out once wrapped.  Because we are a full service vehicle graphics and wrap company, we can design and create fleet wraps and install them just about anywhere that is requested.

At Apple Graphics we have templates for all vehicle makes and models to ensure logos, images, and corporate messages are placed on each vehicle for visual optimization. Using digital imagery, we make each vehicle unique, yet consistent in brand message. This means that while your fleet is out on city streets and highways, that consistency is constantly displayed.  Let our team assist you in coming up with the perfect vinyl truck lettering for your fleet or for your vehicle. 

Philadelphia Lettering

Philadelphia Wraps

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Wednesday, October 14 2015

Philadelphia Vehicle Wrap Training

One of the hottest off-shoots of the sign industry is the vehicle wrap niche.   The popularity of these mobile advertising units has caused quite a stir in the industry. More efficient and more affordable printers, easier to handle vinyl materials, and an unlimited supply of customers is causing more graphics companies to consider adding vinyl vehicle wraps to their menu of business services.

At Apple Graphics, we believe in offering the best vehicle wrap training courses in the area.  Learning the basics of wrapping can go a long way toward laying the foundation of a specialized skill set.  Like most applied learning, the value of vehicle wrap training lies in learning from an experienced installer who can show you what to do, and who can watch you as you learn.

Apple Graphics offers vehicle wrap training at a reasonable cost, and when you complete your training you’ll experience the benefit of having acquired an invaluable resource.  Our experienced vinyl installers pride themselves on ensuring that your training goes as smoothly as possible.  Our latest vehicle wrap training was held on March 8th, with 3 trainees from NRI Color Graphics in Lawrenceville, NJ. Because their company was expanding, they expressed interest in the vehicle wrap industry.  We provided the training, and they walked away with a new skill.

Vehicle wraps deliver the most effective cost per impression compared to other forms of advertising at about $.70 per impression. A four-color full page ad in a magazine costs about $21.45, a one-third page ad in the newspaper is about $19.70, a thirty second TV ad is about  $18.15, and a thirty second radio ad at $7.75.  Clearly, the benefits to vehicle wrapping are many, and at Apple Graphics we provide the training that you need to make your business thrive.

The future looks positive for the vehicle wrap industry because we have new, innovative machines and materials.  Manufacturers have provided the industry less expensive printing systems and manufacturers like 3M and others are making the vinyl products easier to put on and reposition. At Apple Graphics we can train you in every aspect of vehicle wrapping, including equipment use, vinyl removal, vinyl placement, application, post heating, and more. We were very pleased with our first training, and we look forward to serving your needs.  Courses fill up fast, so reserve your space soon.


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Wednesday, October 07 2015

Today the most effective way to get noticed in the business advertising world is with vehicle wraps.  Mobile advertising and large scale design draws positive attention to your business, and many advertisements can be created with a flexible budget in mind.  At Apple Graphics, we specialize in trailer wraps, and we offer excellent full service solutions.  Our award winning design team and certified trailer wrap installers are ready to meet your needs and are committed to taking your brand awareness to the next level.

Trailer wraps invite a lot of attention, and a well designed wrap can turn an ordinary trailer into a year round advertising machine. Based on both testimonials from clients and statistics gathered by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps offer the best options for marketing your business, product, event or service. Vehicle wraps, and trailer wraps in particular, provide several business advantages, including the relatively low cost when compared to other avenues of advertising.

If you’re seeking a versatile option for advertising your business, trailer wraps are an excellent choice.  Wraps have been proven to have the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising. Unlike media options such as radio, billboards, TV, or mails, which are limited in their ability to consistently promote your business, trailer wraps work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for up to six years. Depending on the city and population size, a single trailer wrap can generate upwards to 50,000 views per day.

At Apple Graphics, we believe in turning every traffic outing into a marketing opportunity. Being mobile has its advantages because companies can position their vehicle ads anywhere they please, reaching commuters on the road and pedestrians from the sidewalks. Trailer wraps allow you the opportunity to reach audiences of all ages, incomes, and professions.  Trailer wraps are versatile, as well.

Here are just a few examples of the industries trailer wraps cater to:  restaurants, bars, retail shops, real estate firms, healthcare clinics, and pet shops.  Come speak to an Apple Graphics technician, so we can get your business moving forward with the benefits of a specialty trailer wrap today.

Philly Trailer Wraps

Trailer Wraps Philadelphia

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