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Tuesday, July 03 2018
Vehicle Wrap design , Material and Installation


     Im sure everyone has designed a business card before. You know: put your logo on a flat surface then add you phone number and web site. Make sure your name is legible and boom! You have a business card. When designing each wrap , there are several obstacles to take into consideration. Every vehicle is different, therefor the graphic designer must have experience. Every angle, curve, and recess must be taken into consideration when designing the perfect wrap.


     There are plenty different qualities of wrap material out there. Just like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Investing in the proper material has a big impact on the final result of your vehicle wrap. Some of the top brands such as 3M, Avery and Oracle have been around for years. These leading companies use material that always last as long as expected. Be smart when investing into your wrap material. Understand quality also plays a huge factor. 


     You have your design, you have your high quality 3M vinyl printed, now what? Time to install your vehicle wrap. A lot of people think installing the vehicle wrap is the quick and easy process. The installer must have a particular set of skills. such as applying the wrap as shown on the proof. lining up everything can be difficult, due to the body of the vehicle. After hours of lining everything, the real challenge comes. you can have a perfectly placed wrap, but if the material is not trimmed and tucked properly the outcome could end of bad. Trimming the wrap takes patience, and an extremely steady hand with the proper installer the task should fun. 

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